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Milwaukee Tools Update

Milwaukee 48-11-1890 M18 High Demand 9.0Ah Battery Pack

September 2016 Milwaukee adds two new batteries to  each of its M12 and M18 platforms.

Milwaukee claims to continue to shatter cordless expectations with batteries delivering 2X, 3X and 5X more run-time than standard lithium batteries.

M18™ REDLITHIUM™ HIGH DEMAND™ 9.0 Battery Pack (48-11-1890)

  • Built for high draw M18 FUEL products and high demand applications
  • Delivers 5X more run-time, 35% more power and runs 60% cooler than standard lithium ion batteries
  • Delivers up to 2X the performance of the Milwaukee M18 XC5.0 battery
  • Forward and backward compatible with over 100 M18 tools
  • 3 year warranty
  • Available starting September 15, 2016

M18™ REDLITHIUM™ XC6.0 Battery Pack (48-11-1860)

  • A new addition to the XC Series of M18 batteries
  • Delivers 3X more run-time, 20% more power and 2X longer life than standard lithium ion batteries
  • Forward and backward compatible with over 100 M18 tools
  • 3 year warranty
  • Available starting September 30, 2016

M12™ REDLITHIUM™ XC6.0 Battery Pack (48-11-2460)Milwaukee 48-11-2460 M12 REDLITHIUM XC6.0 Extended Capacity Battery Pack

  • A new addition to the XC Series of M12 batteries
  • Delivers 3X more run-time, 20% more power and 2X longer life than standard lithium ion batteries
  • Forward and backward compatible with over 70 M12 tools
  • 2 year warranty
  • Available starting September 15, 2016

M12™ REDLITHIUM™ CP3.0 Compact Battery Pack (48-11-2430)

  • A new addition to the Subcompact Series of M12 batteries
  • The CP3.0 is the same size and weight as the CP1.5
  • Delivers 3X more run-time, 20% more power and 2X longer life than standard lithium ion batteries
  • Forward and backward compatible with over 70 M12 tools
  • 3 year warranty
  • Available starting September 15, 2016
New REDLITHIUM Battery Pack Charge Times
Battery Pack Part no. Rapid Charger 48-59-1808 Standard Charger 48-59-1812
M12 3.0 Compact Pack 48-11-2430 65 minutes
70 minutes
M12 XC6.0 Pack 48-11-2460 90 minutes 130 minutes
M18 XC6.0 Pack 48-11-1860 68 minutes 124 minutes
M18 HIGH DEMAND 9.0 Pack  48-11-1890 95 minutes 180 minutes

Redesigned Heated Gear and Work Gear for 2016

Heated JacketsMilwaukee 201G-20 M12 Heated Jacket Gray On Body

  • Recut and redesigned for 2016 with and a focus on mobility, flexibility and durability
  • TOUGHSHELL Stretch Polyester lasts 5X longer than standard soft shell fabric jackets
  • FreeFlex™ Gussets under the arm for greater comfort and mobility
  • Adjustable cuffs and waist for greater comfort and protection from the elements
  • Droptail extended back for less heat loss when bending and stretching
  • Battery pocket is now accessible from the outside of the jacket

Heated Hoodies

  • Redesigned to be the go-to hoodie whether heating is needed or not
  • Reshaped to remove some of the bulk and fit more closely for better heat performance
  • Pockets are lined with same durable material used in the outer shell of Milwaukee’s rugged gear
  • Double tacked corners and reinforced edges prevent corners from ripping off and edges from fraying
  • Hood redesigned for a better fit under hardhats – ears stay warm and visibility is not obstructed
  • Battery pocket is now accessible from the outside just like the jackets

GridIron™ Hooded Jacket – Unheated

  • New GridIron™ 900D Ripstop Polyester provides greater flexibility and mobility than previous Ripstop material
  • 3X the resistance to abrasion and tearing compared to 12 oz. cotton duck material
  • FreeFlex™ Mobility Gussets enhance mobility
  • Reinforced and riveted pocket edges ensure extra durability

WorkSkin Cold Weather Base LayerMilwaukee 401G WorkSkin Long Sleeve Shirt Laying Down

  • New for 2016
  • Great for managing moisture and body temperature to help stay dry, warm, and comfortable in the cold
  • Fast Wicking Sweat Zones keep moisture away from under arms and upper back
  • Made with 210 gram Polyester body material
  • Seamless shoulders minimize abrasion from straps and harnesses
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Highlights Milwaukee New Product Symposium 2016

Milwaukee NPS 2016

"Our objective is to dominate the jobsite with cordless tools"  Shane Moll = Milwaukee

Milwaukee adds a 9.0 Ah High Demand battery to its M18 FUEL POWERSTATE Brushless Motors and REDLINK Plus Intelligence to power a range of new tools to replace corded tools on the job site.

9.0 Ah High Demand Battery 

  • Up to 5X the run time
  • Up to 35% more power - maintains higher output throughout thev discharge period
  • Runs up to 60% cooler than standard lithium batteries
  • 537 cuts in 2x4 vs 300 cuts with a Milwaukee 5.0 Ah battery
  • Added row of cells added to an XC pack for a total of 15 Recharges in 90 minutes on the fast charger Compatible with all M18 tools

M18 FUEL 10" Dual Bevel Compound Sliding Miter Saw - Available September/October 2016

  • Ships with a 9.0Ah battery
  • Capacity: 6" Vertical capacity against the fence
  • Cuts 2x12 at 90 degrees horizontally
  • Cuts up to 6-1/4" crown nested up against the fence
  • Power: 4,000 RPM for clean, sharp cuts in trim and molding
  • Brushless motor powers through pressure treated 4x4 and 2x12
  • Run time: Up to 400 cuts in 3-1/2" base on one battery charge. Up to 300 cuts in 2x4. Up to 150 cuts in 2x12
  • Accuracy: Shadow cut-line system for more accurate cuts
  • Stainless steel detent plate
  • Cam locking miter system
  • Dual Bevel detents
  • Portability: 45 lbs w/o battery 47 with battery
  • Integrated handles
  • Lots of buzz on the internet about this saw with most first impressions being positive. Most want to get their hands on one to see if it lives up to the hype and exceptions.

7" Cordless polisher 2738-20  - July 2016Milwaukee M18 Polisher

  • Cordless detailing
  • Full 1 lb lighter than corded competition
  • Variable speed dial to set maximum RPM setting
  • Comfortable 2-speed variable speed trigger
  • Balance: more weight of the tool is over the head
  • Runtime: Can polish a full size car on one 5.0Ah battery charge
  • Can run all day with 2 batteries and a charger
  • Not tethered to a wall plug

Milwaukee is finally getting into the Outdoor Equipment market
Designed for professional landscape maintenance Outperforms competitive 18 volt tools Less weight, lower vibration and quieter than gas powered tools

1. String Trimmer - available Spring 2017

  • Solid drive shaft
  • Best power, balance, and maneuverability
  • Reaches full throttle instantly
  • Variable speed trigger
  • High and lower speed settings
  • Full size head for professional capacity and more reliable string feeding
  • 14" to 16" adjustable cutting swath

2. Hedge Trimmer - available Spring 2017

  • Best control and balance of any tool on the market
  • More sustained power under load
  • Unmatched runtime
  • Zero maintenance brushless motor
  • Robust Slider/crank mechanism handles anything the professional throw at it
  • 24" blade with tip guard

3. Blower - available Spring 2017

  • Best and right combination of power and run time of any 18V product on the market
  • Axial fan design

Look like high end products for professional users. Expect the pricing to be on the high side too, but worth it if they perform up to exceptions.

M18 Fluid Transfer

  • 7.5 GPM pump
  • No priming needed
  • Auto-shutoff after 1 minute of dry pumping
  • Great for plumber and professional cleanup

Cordless M18 FUEL SDS MAX Rotary Hammer w/9.0 Ah battery

Lots of other product launches scheduled for the coming months.

Milwaukee will be expanding its ONE KEY functionality with the addition tool security that will allow the shut down of ONE KEY tools and lockout thieves.

High Output LightingM18 Compact Site Light 2416-20

1. M18 Search light - Spot/Flood/Dual
2. M18 Radius Light - 2146-20 & 2145-20
3. Utility Bucket Light
4. M12 Flood Light - clamps, sticks with magnets
5. M12 Metal Mag type Light

M12 Line additions

  • M12 XC6.0 battery
  • M12 FUEL Drywall Screwgun w/magnetic clutch - only comes on when the a screw is pushed into drywall
  • M12 FUEL Cutout Tool

Carbide tooth AX sawzall blades

  • 1000+ cuts per blade
  • 2X life of Diablo blades
  • 10x life of Lenox
  • 30x life of bi-metal blades

Steelhead cut off wheels 4-1/2"

Milwaukee Storage and Organizing

Rolling Bag that's also a dolly

  • 24" hard top rolling bag
  • Metal skid plates
  • 6" metal all-terrain wheels

Milwaukee Torpedo Level

  • Strongest magnets
  • Vial that rotates to preset angles
  • Detents for 15, 30, 45, etc.
  • Knob on the end is a brake to lock the vial into odd angle settings

Milwaukee Red-Stick Levels

  • Super strong metal frame and vial
  • Magnesium backbone
  • 16" to 96" in length

Empire Levels

UV activated optical brightner and LED lighting

Maxbite locking plier

  • 3x the gripping power
  • New tooth design

Cheater Pipe Wrenches

Close Quarters Tubing Cutters aka Auto Cutters

Paint Markers

Long-Length Tape Measures

  • Patented debris wiper
  • Stronger
  • Bigger finger guard

6" and 12" foldable measuring wheels

Workwear Line

  • Workskin base layer products
  • Trade-focused gear with features that benefit the contractor
  • Milwaukee Gloves

As you can see Milwaukee has been pouring more money into innovation and I would probably bet they are spending the most out of the all the power tool companies.

It will be interesting to watch over the next several months what Milwaukee will be rolling out with for new features on the ONE-KEY platform.

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New from Dewalt – FlexVolt Platform

New FlexVolt by Dewalt

DeWalt introduces the FLEXVOLT™ battery platform.

The world's first battery that automatically changes voltage when you change tools.

The FLEXVOLT™ battery senses what type of tool it is on, becoming a 20V battery when put on a 20V MAX tool, a 60V battery on a 60V tool and combining with another 60V Max battery to deliver 120V on a 120V tool.

20V MAX tools draw 20V from the 60V FLEXVOLT™ battery with much longer runtime - 4X the runtime of a DeWalt 20V MAX compact battery.

The FLEXVOLT™ is backwards compatible with all DeWalt 20V MAX tools and chargers.

Dewalt Flexvolt Technology

DeWalt FLEXVOLT™ DCB606 Battery Specifications
Voltage 20V/60V MAX
Capacity in 60V Tools 2.0 Ah
Capacity in 20V Tools 6.0 Ah
Charge Time with Fast Charger 60 minutes
Cell Chemistry Lithium-Ion
Fuel Gauge Built-in
Weight 2.3 lbs


DeWalt FLEXVOLT™ DCB118 Fast Charger Specifications
Supported Voltage 20V/60V MAX
Fan Cooling Yes
Charge Time 60 minutes
Battery Chemistry Lithium-Ion
Hot/Cold Pack Detection Yes
Weight 1.5 lbs


DeWalt FLEXVOLT™ Platform Comparisons
Part no. Each Cell 20V MAX 60V MAX 120V MAX
No. of  battery cells 1 5 15 2 x 15 = 30
Maximum initial battery voltage (measured without a workload) 4 20 60 120
Nominal voltage 3.6 18 54 108

Plus DeWalt introduces new lines of 60V MAX and 120V MAX brushless tools to maximize the potential of the the new FLEXVOLT™.

  • DCS575 60V MAX 7-1/4" Circular Saw with Brake - up to 339 cuts per charge in 2x4
  • DCD460 60V MAX 1/2" VSR Stud & Joist Drill - drills up to 138 2-9/16" holes in 2x10 SPF material on one charge
  • DCS7485 60V MAX 8-1/4" Table Saw - up to 302 linear feet per charge in 3/4" OSB
  • DCS388 60V MAX Reciprocating Saw - up to 150 cuts per charge in 2x4
  • DCG414 60V MAX 4-1/2" - 6" Grinder with Kickback Brake - up to 126 cuts per charge in 1/2 Rebar
  • DHS790 120V MAX 12" Cordless/Corded Sliding Miter Saw - up to 289 cuts per charge in 3-1/4" base molding

DeWalt also introduces new 20V MAX tools specifically designed for use with FLEXVOLT™ batteries.

  • DCR070 Corded/20V MAX Cordless Bluetooth LED Large Area Light with Built-in Battery Charger
  • DCR025 Corded/12V MAX/ 20V MAX Cordless Jobsite Bluetooth Radio Charger
  • DCK299D1T1 20V MAX Hammerdrill / Impact Driver Combo Kit - up to 159 holes in 2x10 SPF with 2-9/16" self-feed bit


It will be very interesting to see how the FLEXVOLT™ platform stacks up against the Milwaukee and Makita 18V platforms that are being used to power their larger power drawing tools such as miter saws, circular saws and grinders.

DeWalt holds patents on the FLEXVOLT™ which could prevent competitors from copying the technology directly.

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Milwaukee One-Key – Smarter Tools

Milwaukee one Key system

Milwaukee introduces ONE-KEY, the next step in unlocking the digital jobsite with more game-changing technology that delivers unmatched productivity by providing a new level of control and access to information for the core trades.  View all M18 One-Key compatible tools here.

The complete ONE-KEY productivity solution includes:

1. Milwaukee ONE KEY software
2. Bluetooth connectivity
3. Milwaukee Smart Tools

The first phase of ONE-KEY delivers three main functionalities:Milwaukee One Key tools

1. Inventory Management
2. Tool Reporting
3. Tool Control


Free-to-use, cloud-based platform is available for download through the web and mobile app.
Keeping detailed record of tools, including non-Milwaukee brands, makes easy to build budgets and manage annual spending on equipment.
Provides a central place for users to manage tools across a network of jobs or operations
ONE-KEY app recognizes all ONE-KEY tools within range.
Manually add non-ONE-KEY tools and equipment.
Milwaukee is initially targeting truck or small tool crib inventory management and will scale up functionality for larger organizations later.
Keep tool records
Save and maintain records, receipts and images
Log tool status and see utilizations
Track tool repair history
Assign specific owners or locations to each tool or piece of equipment
Provide accountability
Share information between the field and back-office
Access real-time data anywhere


Provides time-based performance tracking of ONE-KEY tools.
ONE-KEY tools wirelessly synchronize with the ONE-KEY app to upload data and history.
Create custom reports that track tool performance.
Assists in tracking utilization and service intervals.
Makes it easier to mazimize uptime and keep inventory lean.


ONE-KEY Tool Control allows users to customize mode settings on ONE-KEY tools.
The first tools with tool control are the Milwaukee M18 FUEL Drill/Drivers. 1/4″ Hex Impact Driver and 3/8″ & 1/2″ Impact Wrenches.
Users will be able to change the factory settings for parameters such as speed and torque.
Customized settings are “set-and-forget” – tools do not have to be in continuous contact with a smart phone for the settings to be in effect.
Custom settings should improve user productivity on repetitive jobs with fastener-specific profiles.
With the touch of a button, users are able to choose between 4 different settings.
Factory settings can be reverted to at any time.

Drill/Driver = 2705-20 and 2705-22

Hammer Drill/Driver = 2706-20 and 2706-22

1/4″ Impact Driver  = 2757-20, 2757-22 and 2757-22CT

Impact Drivers = 2758-20, 2758-22, 2758-22CT, 2759-20, 2759-22, 2759B-20 and 2759B-22

2 Piece Kit = 2795-22 and 2796-22

M18 FUEL Drills and Impacts with ONE-KEY

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Milwaukee 2015 M12 Heated Gear Launch

Milwaukee Heated Hoodies

Milwaukee launches its 2015 line of M12 Heated Gear with new product design, improved heating performance and upgraded battery technology.

Milwaukee’s 2015 M12 Heated Gear Lineup includes (2) 3-in-1 Heated jackets, (4) heated jackets, (1) heated vest, (5) heated hoodies and (2) hand warmers.

New for 2015:

1. All M12 Heated Jacket Kits and M12 Heated 3-in-1 Jacket Kits now come standard with 2.0Ah M12 REDLITHIUM batteries that deliver up to 8 hours of heat to the core zone and warmer heated pockets.

2. The all new M12 Heated 3-in-1 Ripstop Jacket:Milwaukee M12 Heated 3in1 Ripstop Jacket - Black
Combines a premium heated hoodie with a durable Ripstop shell featuring high-wear zone reinforcement that handles extreme job site conditions and abuse.
Made with 900 Denier Ripstop reinforcement.
Front pockets and underarms are protected with abrasion resistant material.
Shell is water and wind resistant.
Extra protection from the elements is provided with a drop tail, extended collar and storm flap.
Metal zippers ensure durability and long service life.
Riveted and taped pockets provide protection from fraying and ripping.
Triple stitching and seam reinforcement ensure longer life.

3. All new M12 Heated Ripstop vest:Milwaukee M12 Heated Ripstop Vest Kit - Black
This is the first stand-alone heated vest to provide warm and maximum versatility in three seasons.
Made with 900 Denier Ripstop reinforcement.
Wind and water resistant material provides great outdoor comfort.
Drop tail and rib knit collar provide extra protection from the elements..
Features metal zippers, riveted and taped pockets and triple stitching just like the 3-in-1 Ripstop Jacket.

4. Redesigned M12 Heated Women’s Jacket:
Improved styling and design ensure a better and more comfortable fit.
Heat is now distributed to the pockets as well as to the core zones and neck.Milwaukee M12 Heated Women's Jacket
Jacket kit comes with M12 REDLITHIUM 2.0 Ah batteries that deliver up to 8 hours of core zone run time.

5. New color update for the Grey M12 Heated Hoodie:
New Charcoal Grey matches side panels of Black and Red jacket design.
Also upgraded with an improved rib knit that provides better heat retention and more comfortable fit.

Check out all M12 hoodie options

Milwaukee M12 Heated Hoodie Grey

For 2015 Milwaukee has discontinued or replace the following items:

1. High Visibility Canada jacket and hoodie

2. Old design women’s jacket (redesigned and up graded)

3. Old color grey hoodie (replaced with a new grey color, upgraded hoodie)

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Milwaukee Tools 2015 New Product Release

Milwaukee 2755-22 M18 FUEL 1/2" Compact Impact Wrench Kit

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Gen II Drill/Hammer Drill/Impact

Milwaukee begins its 2015 new product launch with the completely redesigned M18 FUEL Brushless drills, hammer drills and 1/4″ Hex impact wrenches.
The new GEN II M18 FUEL 2703 Drill, 2704 Hammer Drill and 2753 1/4″ Hex impact wrench are upgrades of the the popular 2603, 2604 and 2653 models.

Milwaukee 2703-20 M18 Fuel Drill Driver / Milwaukee 2704 M18 Drill and Hammer DrillMilwaukee 2704-20 M18 FUEL 1/2" Hammer Drill Driver

  • Complete redesign of the motor, gearbox and electronics delivers more power, smaller size in the most durable cordless drill.
  • Motor is more compact, but 20% more powerful.
  • 1/2″ metal single sleeve ratcheting chuck spindle connection has been beefed up from 1/2″ on the Gen I to 9/16″ on Gen II.
  • New electronics package handles the increased power and higher heat generated.

The 2704 hammer drill and 2753 impact driver will be packaged together as the new 2897-22 combo kit with 2 5.0Ah batteries to replace the popular 2797-22 combo kit.


Impact driver and wrenches

  • New Impact Mechanism Design
  • Reduced wear
  • Longer life
  • More peak torque
  • Shorter front to back
  • Smaller motor housing (smaller in diameter)
  • Longer, thinner handle
  • Faster drive speeds
  • More control

2753 M18 GEN II FUEL Impact Driver 1/4″ Hex driveMilwaukee 2753-22 M18 FUEL 1/4" Hex Impact Driver Kit

  • 4 Modes: the same 3 modes as on the 2653 plus Self-tapping/drilling screw mode
  • Mode 4: Controlled start ramps up to 3,000 RPM for reduced walking
  • Fast drilling at 3,000 RPM maximum speed through the material
  • Controlled finish slows to 750 RPM to prevent stripping & breaking of fasteners


New M18 GEN II FUEL 3/8″ & 1/2″ Impact WrenchesMilwaukee 2754-20 M18 FUEL 3/8" Compact Impact Wrench

  • 4 Modes: the same 3 modes as on the 2654, 2655 & 2655B Gen I impact wrenches plus Auto Shut-off
  • Mode 4 – Auto Shut-off: Shuts the tool down after 1 second of impact which prevents overdriving fasteners
  • Great for applications requiring uniform tightening and end results such as on pipe clamps




Milwaukee 2709-20 M18 FUEL 1/2" Right Angle Drill



  • Optimized for plumbing rough-in applications
  • Runs all day on 2 batteries
  • Corded power in a cordless tool
  • Uses the same clutch as Milwaukee’s corded Hawgs
  • 2 Models with different chucks:
  • 2709: Standard keyed chuck
  • 2711: QUIK LOK chuck that accepts both hex shank and 3-Flat shank bits

2783 M18 GEN II FUEL 4-1/2″ / 5″ Braking GrinderMilwaukee 2783-22 M18 FUEL Braking Grinder Kit

  • Brake stops rotation in less than 2 seconds – no more runaway grinder when you put it down
  • No cord to trip over – the most common cause of accidents when using grinders
  • FIXTEC nut for easy tool-free disc changes – just engage the wheel lock, flip up the flap on the FIXTEC and use it to tighten or loosen the nut
  • Corded power and durability

2787 M18 GEN II FUEL Mag DrillMilwaukee 2787-22 M18 FUEL 1-1/2" Magnetic Drill Kit

  • Focused on safety and productivity
  • Permanent magnet – no battery power required to secure it to the workpiece
  • Auto Stop Liftoff
  • Drills up to 40 holes 13/16″ in diameter (standard for 3/4″ bolts) per battery charge
  • Runs on 5.0 Ah battery


6Ah XC Battery Pack – DELAYED – expected availability approximately September 2016

  • Same form factor as the other M18 XC REDLITHIUM battery packs, but with longer run time
  • 100% more run time than the 3.0Ah battery
  • 50% more run time than the 4.0Ah battery
  • 20% more run time than the 5.0Ah battery

9Ah High Demand Batteries – DELAYED – expected availability approximately September 2016

  • Same width as all other M18 battery packs and slightly longer and taller
  • Delivers more than 2X the run time as a 5.0Ah battery pack
  • 90 minute charging on the new Rapid Charger

48-59-1808 Multi-Voltage Rapid Charger September 2015Milwaukee 48-59-1808 M18 & M12 Rapid Charger

  • Charges batteries up to 40% faster
  • Works with both M12 and M18 Li-Ion battery packs

M18 GEN II FUEL SDS Max Rotary Hammer

  • 1-9/16″ capacity
  • corded performance in a cordless tool
  • Same motor housing and gearing as the Milwaukee corded SUPER HAWG
  • Launches with the new 9.0 Ah battery
  • Provides 20 minutes of chipping on 1 battery charge

2623 M18 3-1/4″ PlanerMilwaukee 2623-20 M18 3-1/4" Planer

  • Unmatched power delivers the fastest material removal of any current cordless planer
  • Depth capacity of up to 5/64″ for fast material removal

New Lighting – available in middle of 4th quarter 2015

TRUEVIEW M18 High Output LED Stand Light

  • 7 ft. overhead light sets up in 5 seconds or less
  • Provides overhead lighting that minimizes shadows when working
  • Designed to go head-to-head against halogen work lights – just as bright and much cooler running
  • 2,000 lumens of light output- 30% more than previous Milwaukee floodlights
  • 3 light settings
  • Up to 4 hours of continuous run time on 4.0Ah Battery packs

TRUEVIEW M18 LED High Performance Flood Light

  • Competes head on with 500 Watt halogen lights – brighter and cooler running
  • 3,000 lumens of light output plus 30% more brightness with unique reflector and optics technology
  • Runs on both AC and DC power

TRUEVIEW M12 Spotlight

  • 700 lumens of light output
  • 600 yards of beam distance
  • Over 3 hours of run time on 4.0Ah battery pack
  • Compatible with all M12 battery packs

More Hand Tools in the pipeline from Milwaukee:

Milwaukee Cheater Pipe Wrench
Replaces 3 pipe wrenches in your tool box – 2 extra handles and 3 leverage ranges
1. High leverage extension handle – like a 24″ pipe wrench
2. Mid-range leverage extension handle – like a 18″ pipe wrench
3. Low leverage / great access  -like a 10″ pipe wrench

Also Coming

  • A complete line of pipe wrenches
  • Chrome-plated adjustable wrenchesMilwaukee Pipe Wrench
  • Lineman’s hand crimper with BG die
  • 6-in-1 Combo plier/wire stripper for NM cable
  • Mini cutters and swing cutters
  • Full tang insulation knife

Looks like an exciting new product season from Milwaukee.
Check back through the next weeks and months to find out more as the the new products become available.

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Milwaukee 48-59-1807 M12 & M18 Rapid Charge Station Review

Milwaukee 48-59-1807 M18 & M12 Rapid Charge Station


  1. Charges 3 batteries at a time.

Milwaukee 48-59-1806 M18 Six Pack Sequential Charger charges batteries one at a time

  1. Drives more power to each battery than other Milwaukee chargers for faster charging.

6 amps to M18 batteries compared to 3 amps by the Milwaukee 48-59-1812 Multi-Voltage Charger which takes 1 hour to charge one M18 battery.

4 amps to M12 batteries compared to 3 amps by the Milwaukee 48-59-1812 Multi-Voltage Charger which takes 1 hour to charge one M12 battery.

Takes only 1.5 hours to charge 3 M18 4.0Ah XC and 3 M12 Compact battery packs

  1. Pass through cord – only one power slot needed to run the complete unit
  2. Wall mountable

How does it work?

Looking down from above, the Charge Station is essentially 3 side-by-side chargers.

Charger 1 Charger 2 Charger 3
           ↓            ↓            ↓
18v 18v 18v
12v 12v 12v


To charge 3 batteries at the same time, plug a battery in each of the chargers.

If 2 batteries are in one of the chargers, only one battery will charge at a time. The first battery plugged into that charger will charge first. So if you want the 18V battery to charge before the 12V in Charger 1, plug the 18V first and the 12V second.

More info on the Milwaukee 48-59-1807


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MILWAUKEE 2014 NEW PRODUCTS Launching Fall 2014

Milwaukee 2708-22 M18 HOLE HAWG 1/2" Right Angle Drill Kit


In its conrtinuing drive to lead the shift from corded to cordless power tools, Milwaukee focused on the three factors that users demand in a cordless tool if it is to replace the corded equivalent.
1. Work as fast or faster than corded
2. Must be as durable as corded tools
3. Must work all day without interruption
Milwaukee’s answer is FUEL Technology that combines POWERSTATE Brushless motor technology, RELITHIUM battery technology and REDLINK PLUS intelligence that integrates full-circle communuication between tool, battery and charger to deliver optimized performance.

This fall Milwaukee continues its drive to shift from corded to cordless power tools with the launch of 3 new FUEL products:

1. M18 FUEL HOLE HAWG 1/2″ Right Angle Drills
Model 2707 with all Metal Keyed chuck
Model 2708 with QUIK-LOK chuck (for keyless one-handed bit changes)

Brushless FUEL technology delivers faster drilling and 4 lbs less weight than the original corded HOLE HAWG
Over 150 holes per battery charge in 2x lumber
Will rough-in 2,500 sq. ft. on 2-4.0Ah batteries
No need to set up a generator or run extension cords
Optimized for electricians

Milwaukee 2707-22 M18 HOLE HAWG 1/2" Right Angle Drill Kit

2. M18 FUEL SDS Plus 1″ Rotary Hammers
Model 2712: 1″ Rotary Hammer
Model 2715: 1-1/8″ Rotary Hammer

Brushless FUEL technology delivers faster than corded speed, corded durability and all day work on 1 charge
Share 80% of components with Corded Milwaukee Rotary hammer

Milwaukee 2715-22 M18 1-1/8" SDS Plus Rotary Hammer

3. M18 FUEL Cordless 7-1/4″ Circular Saw 2731

Brushless FUEL technology delivers faster cuts and 40% less weight than corded saws
More run time on one battery than 36 volt cordless saws running 2-18 volt batteries
2X more run time than other 18 volt cordless circ saws

Milwaukee 2731-20 M18 FUEL 7-1/4" Circular Saw

Also coming this fall:

M18 REDLITHIUM XC5.0 Extended Capacity Battery Pack
Up to 2.5X more run time than standard lithium batteries
Forward and backward compatible with more than 60 M18 cordless tools

M18 Cordless 2-Speed 1/4″ Right Angle Impact Driver 2667
M18 Cordless 2-Speed 3/8″ Right Angle Impact Driver 2668
Compact 1.7″ head profile and 1.4″ head diameter
2-Speed drive control
8-Position rotating head

HAMMERVAC Dedicated Dust Extractor 2712-DE
Inline design connects directly to and is powered by the M18 FUEL SDS Plus 1″ Rotary Hammer 2712
HAMMERVAC Dedicated Dust Extractor 2715-DE
Inline design connects directly to and is powered by the M18 FUEL SDS Plus 1-1/8″ Rotary Hammer 2715

M18 Cordless Metal Shears
Revolutionary in-line wrist design for pushing through instead of over the top of cuts
Tool-free 360 degree Rotating Head
3 Tool Options: 18g Double / 14g Double / 18g single

M18 Cordless SAWZALL Recip Saw
Rolling change to replace model 2620-21

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M18 FORCE LOGIC Knockout Tool Review

Milwaukee 2676-20 M18 Force Logic Knockout Kit

Looks like Milwaukee may have come out with a game changer for the electrical trade.

Milwaukee’s Claims:Milwaukee 2676-20 M18 Force Logic Knockout Kit

When Milwaukee talked to electricians about what they wanted in a knockout tool for punching holes in electrical panels, they saw an opportunity to redefine the process.  Milwaukee’s lithium-ion battery/charger technology and new, more powerful motors allowed the design a more compact power unit.  They designed punches and dies that were easy to identify and required no spacers or adapters, then combined them in a quick connect alignment system that can be set up without hauling the power unit around.  Three lightweight pieces (die, punch and draw stud) can be assembled in place. The power unit is then attached and activated.

Hole Capacity:

  • Punch holes up to 4″ in both 10 gauge mild steel and 12 gauge stainless steel.
  • Each punch size punches both mild steel and stainless steel no need for separate punches.
  • No repetitive pumping as with hydraulic punch systems.
  • The 2676 Knockout tool out powers competitive cordless units that tend to be underpowered for 4″ holes.

Hole Quality:

  • Bold highly visible cross-hairs for quicker, more accurate set up.
  • Milwaukee’s quick connect alignment system can be set up without hauling the power unit around
  • making it easier to set up the punch accurately.

Ease of use:

  • Easy to recognize the punch sizes.
  • Quick and easy to assemble the punch, die and draw stud in place and separately from the power unit.
  • No adapters or spacers are needed.
  • Punches and dies are designed to minimize jams and and have slug removal ports if a jam does occur.

In summary, compared to existing systems hydraulic systems, Milwaukee seems to have addressed the key issues that  offered opportunities for improvements.

Three Knockout Kits to choose:

What electricians are saying:

(though this is from a Milwaukee video see below)
Early reviews have been favourable with electricians saying they liked the accuracy, speed and power of the new system.

Accuracy and Speed:

  • Highly visible crosshairs make it easy to line up the punch accurately.
    Being able to assemble the punch, die and draw stud separately from the power unit
    also makes it easier to line up the punch accurately and enables much faster production.


  • The power unit punches 4″ holes as easily as 1/2″ holes.

Overall users find the 2676 Knockout system is more compact, easier and quicker to assemble, and more powerful than the knockout tools they have been using. As a result they find they can punch more holes in electrical panels in less time.

We have customers anxious to give the new tools a go to see if they live up to the hype.

We got to play with a Demo for a few minutes …. I am a complete rookie and a perfect hole in just over a minute.

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Milwaukee M12 Heated Hoodies and Jackets Review

Milwaukee 2373 M12 Cordless Gray Heated Hoodie Kit

For 2014 MILWAUKEE has improved and expanded its very popular line of M12 HEATED HOODIES and JACKETS.




Milwaukee has doubled its line of hoodies.
In addition to last year’s
1. High Visibility
2. Red and
3. Gray,
they have added
4. Black
5. Realtree Xtra Camo
6. Realtree MAX-1 Camo.
One other change is that the khaki hoodie has been discontinued for 2014.

All Milwaukee Hoodies feature 3 carbon fiber heating elements, polyester waffle-weave thermal lining and a larger internal battery pouch that holds both M12 and M18 battery controllers and packs.  All models are 100% machine Milwaukee M12 Multi-Zone Heated Jacket – Red, Black, Camowashable and dryable.  The High Visibility and both Camo models are also water resistant.


New for Season V, Milwaukee has upgraded the design of their jackets with a new and improved cut, adjustable cuffs that provide greater range of motion and maximize heat retention.  The jacket insulation has been improved to reduce weight and maximize heat retention. The oversized cargo pouch and new utility pocket improve the jackets’ storage options.

Milwaukee jackets still have 5 durable carbon fiber heating elements for up to 6 hours warmth as well as the 3 heat settings (High, medium and low) for optimal comfort.  The thermal knit fleece inner lining and internal storm flap still provide excellent wind and water resistance.  Also staying the same are the USB charger for charging portable electronic devices and Milwaukee 2386 M12 Heated Realtree Xtra 3 in 1 Jacketthe fuel gauge that displays the remaining runtime.

Milwaukee introduces the NEW Premium 3-in-1 hunting jacket.  The heated vest features 5 carbon fiber heating elements.  The zip-in premium outer shell is made of a special polyester fabric blend to reduce sounds caused by movement.  The removable hood provides protection from the elements and helps retain heat.


Milwaukee introduces cordless heated hand warmers in Camo and Black.  One size fits most.

(Last year Milwaukee sold out of most sizes and colors of both hoodies and jackets by late October.  Place your order early to avoid disappointment.)