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Highlights Milwaukee New Product Symposium 2016

Milwaukee NPS 2016

"Our objective is to dominate the jobsite with cordless tools"  Shane Moll = Milwaukee

Milwaukee adds a 9.0 Ah High Demand battery to its M18 FUEL POWERSTATE Brushless Motors and REDLINK Plus Intelligence to power a range of new tools to replace corded tools on the job site.

9.0 Ah High Demand Battery 

  • Up to 5X the run time
  • Up to 35% more power - maintains higher output throughout thev discharge period
  • Runs up to 60% cooler than standard lithium batteries
  • 537 cuts in 2x4 vs 300 cuts with a Milwaukee 5.0 Ah battery
  • Added row of cells added to an XC pack for a total of 15 Recharges in 90 minutes on the fast charger Compatible with all M18 tools

M18 FUEL 10" Dual Bevel Compound Sliding Miter Saw - Available September/October 2016

  • Ships with a 9.0Ah battery
  • Capacity: 6" Vertical capacity against the fence
  • Cuts 2x12 at 90 degrees horizontally
  • Cuts up to 6-1/4" crown nested up against the fence
  • Power: 4,000 RPM for clean, sharp cuts in trim and molding
  • Brushless motor powers through pressure treated 4x4 and 2x12
  • Run time: Up to 400 cuts in 3-1/2" base on one battery charge. Up to 300 cuts in 2x4. Up to 150 cuts in 2x12
  • Accuracy: Shadow cut-line system for more accurate cuts
  • Stainless steel detent plate
  • Cam locking miter system
  • Dual Bevel detents
  • Portability: 45 lbs w/o battery 47 with battery
  • Integrated handles
  • Lots of buzz on the internet about this saw with most first impressions being positive. Most want to get their hands on one to see if it lives up to the hype and exceptions.

7" Cordless polisher 2738-20  - July 2016Milwaukee M18 Polisher

  • Cordless detailing
  • Full 1 lb lighter than corded competition
  • Variable speed dial to set maximum RPM setting
  • Comfortable 2-speed variable speed trigger
  • Balance: more weight of the tool is over the head
  • Runtime: Can polish a full size car on one 5.0Ah battery charge
  • Can run all day with 2 batteries and a charger
  • Not tethered to a wall plug

Milwaukee is finally getting into the Outdoor Equipment market
Designed for professional landscape maintenance Outperforms competitive 18 volt tools Less weight, lower vibration and quieter than gas powered tools

1. String Trimmer - available Spring 2017

  • Solid drive shaft
  • Best power, balance, and maneuverability
  • Reaches full throttle instantly
  • Variable speed trigger
  • High and lower speed settings
  • Full size head for professional capacity and more reliable string feeding
  • 14" to 16" adjustable cutting swath

2. Hedge Trimmer - available Spring 2017

  • Best control and balance of any tool on the market
  • More sustained power under load
  • Unmatched runtime
  • Zero maintenance brushless motor
  • Robust Slider/crank mechanism handles anything the professional throw at it
  • 24" blade with tip guard

3. Blower - available Spring 2017

  • Best and right combination of power and run time of any 18V product on the market
  • Axial fan design

Look like high end products for professional users. Expect the pricing to be on the high side too, but worth it if they perform up to exceptions.

M18 Fluid Transfer

  • 7.5 GPM pump
  • No priming needed
  • Auto-shutoff after 1 minute of dry pumping
  • Great for plumber and professional cleanup

Cordless M18 FUEL SDS MAX Rotary Hammer w/9.0 Ah battery

Lots of other product launches scheduled for the coming months.

Milwaukee will be expanding its ONE KEY functionality with the addition tool security that will allow the shut down of ONE KEY tools and lockout thieves.

High Output LightingM18 Compact Site Light 2416-20

1. M18 Search light - Spot/Flood/Dual
2. M18 Radius Light - 2146-20 & 2145-20
3. Utility Bucket Light
4. M12 Flood Light - clamps, sticks with magnets
5. M12 Metal Mag type Light

M12 Line additions

  • M12 XC6.0 battery
  • M12 FUEL Drywall Screwgun w/magnetic clutch - only comes on when the a screw is pushed into drywall
  • M12 FUEL Cutout Tool

Carbide tooth AX sawzall blades

  • 1000+ cuts per blade
  • 2X life of Diablo blades
  • 10x life of Lenox
  • 30x life of bi-metal blades

Steelhead cut off wheels 4-1/2"

Milwaukee Storage and Organizing

Rolling Bag that's also a dolly

  • 24" hard top rolling bag
  • Metal skid plates
  • 6" metal all-terrain wheels

Milwaukee Torpedo Level

  • Strongest magnets
  • Vial that rotates to preset angles
  • Detents for 15, 30, 45, etc.
  • Knob on the end is a brake to lock the vial into odd angle settings

Milwaukee Red-Stick Levels

  • Super strong metal frame and vial
  • Magnesium backbone
  • 16" to 96" in length

Empire Levels

UV activated optical brightner and LED lighting

Maxbite locking plier

  • 3x the gripping power
  • New tooth design

Cheater Pipe Wrenches

Close Quarters Tubing Cutters aka Auto Cutters

Paint Markers

Long-Length Tape Measures

  • Patented debris wiper
  • Stronger
  • Bigger finger guard

6" and 12" foldable measuring wheels

Workwear Line

  • Workskin base layer products
  • Trade-focused gear with features that benefit the contractor
  • Milwaukee Gloves

As you can see Milwaukee has been pouring more money into innovation and I would probably bet they are spending the most out of the all the power tool companies.

It will be interesting to watch over the next several months what Milwaukee will be rolling out with for new features on the ONE-KEY platform.

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  1. When are the rolling bags hitting the Canadian market? I am really antsy for one.

  2. Framing nailer?

  3. Way to go Milwaukee, I’ll be getting that polisher!

  4. So when are the m 12 drywall tools coming out, I’ve ben waiting for years.

    1. I believe in it is 4th quarter this year.

    2. M18, not M12

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