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Milwaukee 2017 New Product Symposium

Milwaukee High Torque Impact Wrench

New Tools coming soon by Milwaukee!!


M18 FUEL 1/2″ High Torque ONE-KEY Impact Wrench

  • Up to 1,400 ft-lbs of torque
  • 4 Mode drive controls for different applications
  • Counts number of blows with ONE-KEY appMilwaukee High Torque Impact Wrench

M18 FUEL Brushless Hackzall

  • Compact and extremely smooth running
  • One-handed operation

M18 FUEL 7-1/4″ Double Bevel Miter Saw

  • Trim out 100 doors per charge
  • Weights only 28 lbs

Heavy Duty Cordless M12 FUEL Ratchets

  • 40, 55 and 70 ft-lbs models
  • Replace pneumatic ratchetsMilwaukee M12 Ratchets

New Generation of M12 FUEL Drill/Drivers and Impact Drivers

  • More compact, lighter, more portable
  • Same power and performance

8 Gallon Dust Extractor

  • Automatic filter cleaning
  • Power actuation
  • 2-Step filterMilwaukee Dust Extractor

Sectional Drum Machine

  • Drain cleaning
  • Power in an easy-to-transport backpack

Compact 102 x 77 Spot Infrared Imager

  • D:S of 56:1
  • 7,854 pixels
  • Runs on 9V battery

M18 Brushless Mixer

  • The power to mix 15 drywall buckets per 5.0Ah battery charge
  • Features 5 planetary gearsMilwaukee M18 Mixer

New Lighting Solutions

  • M12 LED Underhood work light
  • Hard hat headlamp
  • Pocket flood light
  • Rechargeable flashlight

New RADIUS light

  • Runs on 2 Batteries
  • 9,000 lumens
  • IP54 rating
  • ONE-KEY compatible
  • Is also a Dual charger

PACKOUT Storage Solution System

  • 3 tool boxes, 2 organizers and 3 totes
  • Modular storage system
  • Wide range of customization and configuration options
  • Quick connect Mod-Lock latches
  • Flexible, modular and mobileMilwaukee PACKOUT Storage

Ratcheting PVC cutter

  • Makes up to 4,000 cuts

VDV (Voice-Data-Video) Electrical Hand Tools

  • Punchdown tool with LED light
  • Ethernet crimper
  • 4-in-1 pick tool
  • Snips
  • Utility pouchMilwaukee VDV hand tools

New Combination Wrenches

  • Color coded for standard and metric

New TORCH metal cutting Recip Saw blade

  • With larger carbide teeth and gullets
  • Cuts tough material such as cast iron, boron and steel

Channel chisels for retrofit work

  • Used with rotary hammers and hammer drills

SHOCKWAVE Tool Lug Driver

  • Adjust sizes quickly with a pull-and-twist motion
  • Fits 2 sizes of square lugs
  • Great for linemen for transmission and distribution applicationsMilwaukee Vacuum Drill Bits

Vacuum Drill Bits

  • For drilling into concrete
  • 4-Cutter tip design
  • Designed to comply with OSHA silica dust rules
  • Sizes from 4/16″ to 1-3/8″
  • SDS-Max and SDS-Plus shanks

HOLE DOZER hole saw with Carbide teeth

  • One hole saw for making holes in wood, steel and cement boardMilwaukee Hole Dozer
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What’s New from DeWalt and Milwaukee

Milwaukeee 2725-21HD M18 FUEL String Trimmer Kit

New from DeWalt:

Three new high performance green and red beam rotary lasers that deliver advanced battery life and job site durability.

  1. Model DW074LR 20V MAX* Red Rotary Laser
  2. Model DW079LR 20V MAX* Red Rotary Tough Laser
  3. Model DW079LG 20V MAX* Green Rotary Tough Laser

These easy to set up and use lasers are designed for long run times and convenient use with rechargeable power tool batteries.

The included 2.0 Ah battery provides up to 17 hours of run time. All models run on the full range of 20V MAX batteries.

These new models feature an improved drop test rating of 2 meters (approximately 6 ft.) compared to existing DeWalt units – DW074KD & DW079KD.

All models come in a DEWALT® TSTAK® Storage Case (DWST17816) with inserts that keep the laser and accessories well organized.

The DW079LG DEWALT® 20V MAX* Green Rotary Tough Laser was awarded the 2016 Pro Tool Innovation Test & Measurement Award for Rotary Laser Levels, based on best-in-class innovation, power, and value.

Green wavelength is closer to optimal for the human eye – easier to see out to longer distances.

Green lasers come at a cost of higher energy consumption, but run time should not be an issue with the DeWalt 20V MAX battery platform.

New DeWalt 20V MAX Rotary Laser Comparison
Product no. DW074LR DW079LR DW079LG
Description Single Slope Red Rotary Laser Dual Slope Red Rotary Tough Laser Dual Slope Green Rotary Tough Laser
Laser beam color Red Red Green (for additional visibility)
Accuracy per 100 ft. 1/8″ 1/8″ 1/8″
Indoor visibility range 150 ft. 200 ft. 250 ft.
Range with detector 1,500 ft. 2,000 ft. 2,000 ft.
Laser class 3 3 3
Rotation speed 150, 300, 600, 1,200 RPM 150, 300, 600, 1,200 RPM 150, 300, 600, 1,200 RPM
Scan modes at: 15º, 45º, 90º 15º, 45º, 90º 15º, 45º, 90º
Self-leveling range
Water/debris resistance rating IP54 IP67 IP67
Drop protection 2 meters 2 meters 2 meters
Power supply 20V MAX 20V MAX 20V MAX
Weight 2 lbs 2 lbs 2 lbs
Kit includes: Detector

20V MAX battery

12V/20V Charger

Detector bracket

Ceiling bracket

5/8″-11 tripod adapter

Target card

Enhancement glasses

TSTAK® Compatible Storage Case



20V MAX battery

12V/20V Charger

Detector bracket

Ceiling bracket

5/8″-11 tripod adapter

Target card

Enhancement glasses

TSTAK® Compatible Storage Case

Remote Control


20V MAX battery

12V/20V Charger

Detector bracket

Ceiling bracket

5/8″-11 tripod adapter

Target card

Enhancement glasses

TSTAK® Compatible Storage Case

Remote Control

New from Milwaukee tools:

Milwaukee TICK™ tool and equipment tracker

From Milwaukee:

“…Using a proprietary Bluetooth signal, the TICK™ will take the same great functionality in our ONE-KEY™ enabled tools and extend it to any piece of equipment a contractor wishes to track.  The TICK™ is the most DURABLE, VERSATILE, and CAPABLE, tracking tag of its kind, and is designed to track the things that matter to you, both on and off the jobsite.  TICK™ boasts over 100 ft. range, and uses the ONE-KEY™ network to update your tool’s location any time it comes within range of a phone with the ONE-KEY™ app installed, whether the app is open or not.  This addition to the system expands tracking everywhere, and will be a welcome relief when it comes to managing tools.”

Milwaukee bills the TICK™ as the most versatile Bluetooth® tracker on the market and highlights the following features:

  • Designed with the job site in mind
  • Uses ONE-KEY™ app to track inventory items
  • Proprietary Bluetooth signal works with Apple iBeacon to wake up the ONE-KEY™ app anytime in range
  • Built to survive on the job use and abuse
  • Low profile design with multiple attachment options
  • Coin cell battery delivers over 1 year of run time
  • Size: 2.13″L x 1.88″W x 0.49″H

Lots of questions and concerns being posted on the internet focused primarily on:

  1. Limited range of Bluetooth limits the value of the TICK™
  2. Requires large number of Milwaukee ONE-KEY™ users to be useful beyond Bluetooth range
  3. Too large and expensive for individual power tools
  4. Concern that thieves could easily circumvent the device

Integrated Tool Security:

Milwaukee adds new functionality to its ONE-KEY™ app, adding Security to Customization, Reporting and Tracking.

Tool Security provides Theft protection features:

  • Tool lock-out
  • Hide a tool from nearby device screens so only you can see your tool when it is in range
  • Render lost tools useless by sending a remote command to the tool to shut itself off the next time it comes within range of any ONE-KEY™ app

New Outdoor Power Equipment

All run on REDLITHIUM High Demand 9.0 Battery Packs

Designed with the power and durability landscape professionals need.

1.  2725-21HD M18 FUEL String Trimmer

  • Powers through thick brush
  • 16″ cutting swath
  • Up to 1 hour run time per battery charge

2.  2726-21HD M18 FUEL Hedge Trimmer

  • Easily cuts 3/4″ branches
  • 24″ blade for great productivity
  • 30% faster than cordless competitors
  • Up to 2 hours run time per battery charg

3.  2728-21HD M18 FUEL Blower

  • Clears debris from 15 ft. away
  • Up to 30% quieter than gas-powered handheld blowers
  • Delivers 20 minutes of run time at maximum power

Milwaukee 2891-20 M18/M12 Wireless Jobsite Speaker

  • Combines job site durability with a premium sound
  • Delivers the loudest volume with the clearest sound
  • Easily pairs with smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices
  • 100 ft. Bluetooth range
  • Powered by M18 and M12 batteries or AC cord
  • Speaker only – does not have a radio


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Stanley Black & Decker Expands


On January 5, 2017 Stanley Black & Decker continued expanding product lines with the purchase of the Sears/Craftsman brand for $900 million USD.

Just last October 2016 Stanley Black & Decker also acquired the Irwin and Lenox tool brands from Newell for $1.95 billion USD.

This is how Stanley Black & Decker announced the acquisition of Craftsman on their Investor Relations site:

An Investment In Organic Growth

Stanley Black & Decker to Purchase Craftsman Brand From Sears Holdings…

• Obtaining Rights To Develop, Manufacture And Sell Craftsman Brand In Non-Sears Retail, Industrial & Online Channels

• Sears To Continue Developing, Sourcing & Selling Craftsman In All Sears Retail Channels Under Perpetual License Agreement

• SBD To Significantly Increase Availability And Innovation Of Craftsman Products And Add Manufacturing In the U.S. To Support Growth • Strong Organic Revenue Growth Potential – To Contribute ~$100M Of Average Annual Revenue Growth Per Year For Approximately Next Ten Years

• Agreement Consists Of $525M Cash Payment At Closing, $250M At End Of Year 3, & Annual Payments Of Between 2.5% And 3.5% On New SBD Craftsman Sales Through Year 15 • EPS Accretion, Excluding Charges – Year 1 ~$0.10-$0.15, Increasing To ~$0.35-$0.45 By Year 5 & ~$0.70-$0.80 By Year 10

Transaction Structured To Minimize On-Going Risks Associated With Sears:

• SBD Assuming No Contractual Credit Risk From Sears Relative To Transaction

• No Tie To Sears Organic Growth Trajectory

• No Incremental Obligation To Supply Sears

…Enhances Company’s Rich Brand Portfolio With Addition Of Iconic Craftsman Brand

The Craftsman deal will give Stanley Black & Decker the right to make and sell Craftsman-branded products in non-Sears retail, industrial and online sales channels.

Meanwhile, Sears will continue to develop, source (but not manufacture ??) and sell Craftsman tools. Not sure how that will work. Does Sears have to go to Stanley Black & Decker to get their newly developed tools manufactured?

What about Craftsman’s current partners such as Vaughan, Western Forge, Apex Tool Group, TTI and other OEMs? Will they continue to develop and manufacture tools and sell them through Sears?

The way the announcement reads, there could be two separate lines of Craftsman tools sold through two different distribution channels. Presumably, Sears will continue selling through its existing network. Stanley Black & Decker will do the same, so we should see Craftsman products in new retail outlets. Home Depot? Lowes? Industrial dealers?

How will Stanley Black & Decker deal with possible duplication of products with their existing brands? Sell them side by side? Eliminate some of them?

How will Craftsman’s lifetime guarantees work? Where will you exchange or service tools?

Lots of questions looking for answers. I guess we will see what happens.