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Milwaukee 2017 New Product Symposium

Milwaukee High Torque Impact Wrench

New Tools coming soon by Milwaukee!!


M18 FUEL 1/2″ High Torque ONE-KEY Impact Wrench

  • Up to 1,400 ft-lbs of torque
  • 4 Mode drive controls for different applications
  • Counts number of blows with ONE-KEY appMilwaukee High Torque Impact Wrench

M18 FUEL Brushless Hackzall

  • Compact and extremely smooth running
  • One-handed operation

M18 FUEL 7-1/4″ Double Bevel Miter Saw

  • Trim out 100 doors per charge
  • Weights only 28 lbs

Heavy Duty Cordless M12 FUEL Ratchets

  • 40, 55 and 70 ft-lbs models
  • Replace pneumatic ratchetsMilwaukee M12 Ratchets

New Generation of M12 FUEL Drill/Drivers and Impact Drivers

  • More compact, lighter, more portable
  • Same power and performance

8 Gallon Dust Extractor

  • Automatic filter cleaning
  • Power actuation
  • 2-Step filterMilwaukee Dust Extractor

Sectional Drum Machine

  • Drain cleaning
  • Power in an easy-to-transport backpack

Compact 102 x 77 Spot Infrared Imager

  • D:S of 56:1
  • 7,854 pixels
  • Runs on 9V battery

M18 Brushless Mixer

  • The power to mix 15 drywall buckets per 5.0Ah battery charge
  • Features 5 planetary gearsMilwaukee M18 Mixer

New Lighting Solutions

  • M12 LED Underhood work light
  • Hard hat headlamp
  • Pocket flood light
  • Rechargeable flashlight

New RADIUS light

  • Runs on 2 Batteries
  • 9,000 lumens
  • IP54 rating
  • ONE-KEY compatible
  • Is also a Dual charger

PACKOUT Storage Solution System

  • 3 tool boxes, 2 organizers and 3 totes
  • Modular storage system
  • Wide range of customization and configuration options
  • Quick connect Mod-Lock latches
  • Flexible, modular and mobileMilwaukee PACKOUT Storage

Ratcheting PVC cutter

  • Makes up to 4,000 cuts

VDV (Voice-Data-Video) Electrical Hand Tools

  • Punchdown tool with LED light
  • Ethernet crimper
  • 4-in-1 pick tool
  • Snips
  • Utility pouchMilwaukee VDV hand tools

New Combination Wrenches

  • Color coded for standard and metric

New TORCH metal cutting Recip Saw blade

  • With larger carbide teeth and gullets
  • Cuts tough material such as cast iron, boron and steel

Channel chisels for retrofit work

  • Used with rotary hammers and hammer drills

SHOCKWAVE Tool Lug Driver

  • Adjust sizes quickly with a pull-and-twist motion
  • Fits 2 sizes of square lugs
  • Great for linemen for transmission and distribution applicationsMilwaukee Vacuum Drill Bits

Vacuum Drill Bits

  • For drilling into concrete
  • 4-Cutter tip design
  • Designed to comply with OSHA silica dust rules
  • Sizes from 4/16″ to 1-3/8″
  • SDS-Max and SDS-Plus shanks

HOLE DOZER hole saw with Carbide teeth

  • One hole saw for making holes in wood, steel and cement boardMilwaukee Hole Dozer

5 thoughts on “Milwaukee 2017 New Product Symposium

  1. Is milwaukee ever going to have an old tool trade-in again? I would like to get a 1/2” impact.

  2. Any idea as to when these new tools (specifically the M12 Fuel impact and drill) will be coming into stores?

  3. I want to purchase
    Punchdown tool with LED light
    Ethernet crimper
    4-in-1 pick tool
    Utility pouch
    When will it be available?

  4. I’m excited to see these new tools. Please let me know if they are released.

  5. I see a high torque and 1/2″ ratchet in my future. I’m also digging the new compact M12

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