Stabila 03185 LAX300G Green Beam Cross Line Plus Plumb Dots Laser Level


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Stabila 03185 LAX300G Green Beam Cross Line Plus Plumb Dots Laser Level

  • Catalog # 03185
  • Type: LAX 300G
  • Self-Levelling Cross Line plus Plumb Points Laser
  • Green vertical and horizontal lines plus plumb points are up to 5X brighter than red beams
  • Ideal for electricians, plumbers, drywall carpenters, tile installers, finish carpenters, ceiling grid installers, framers and glazers
  • Precise, quick layout, plumbing and leveling
  • Bright, sharp lines
  • Bright, small, round points
  • Plumb up and down points are easy to see and work with when the foot is in the elevated position
  • Laser rotates 360º in its housing
  • Rated IP 54 for protection against dust, rain and water spray
  • Height adjustable foot – up to 2″
  • Shock-absorbing STABILA Softgrip rubber casing
  • ON/OFF switch plus automatic pendulum lock
  • Rare earth magnet on reverse side has a V-groove for attachment to rounded steel surfaces
  • U-shaped outer housing protects the lenses when the laser is in park position
  • Pulsed laser lines allow the laser to be used outdoors at long range with the optional REC 210 line receiver (sold separately)

Lines & Points:

  • One horizontal laser line
  • One vertical laser line
  • Plumb point up
  • Plumb point down

Positioning Options:

  • Set directly on the floor, counter, etc.
  • Attach to a tripod or laser pole with a 1/4″ thread
  • Attach to steel with the rare earth magnet on the back of the housing
  • Strap or belt pulled tight around posts etc.


  • Target plate
  • Wall mount bracket
  • High stability framing base
  • 3 – AAA Batteries
  • Pouch
Stabila LAX 300G Laser Specifications
Product no. 03185
Type LAX 300G
Laser Class 2
Output <1 mW
Laser Wavelength 635 nm
Self-levelling Range approx. ± 4.5º
Levelling Accuracy ± 3/8″ @ 100 ft. (± 0.3 mm/m)
Line Straightness Accuracy ± 3/32″ @ 50 ft.
Laser Beam Accuracy  – Up ± 3/8″ @ 100 ft. (± 0.3 mm/m)
Laser Beam Accuracy – Down ± 1/2″ @ 100 ft. (± 0.4 mm/m)
Range of Visible Point (Indoors under typical operating conditions) 100 ft. (30 m)
Battery Run-time 15 hours
Batteries Included 3 x AAA

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
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