Hitachi 877826 Feeder Shaft Ring


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Hitachi 877826 Feeder Shaft Ring

The Hitachi 877826 Feeder Shaft Ring:

  • Part no. 877826
  • Replacement feeder shaft ring

For the following Hitachi tools:

  • NV45AB2 Side Load Coil Roofing Nailer
  • NV45AB2(S) Bottom Load Coil Roofing Nailer
  • NV45AE 1-3/4″ Side Load Coil Roofing Nailer
  • NV50AP3 2″ Cap Nailer
  • NV65AH Coil Siding Nailer
  • NV75AG Coil Siding/Framing Nailer
  • NV83A2 Full Round Head Coil Nailer
  • NV50A1 Light-Duty Coil Utility Nailer
  • NV50AA Light-Duty Coil Utility Nailer
  • NV50AP2 Full Round Head, Coil, Wire Collation Pasti-Tacker Plus
  • NV85AG Coil Siding/Framing Nailer
  • N5008A1 Stapler
  • N5008AA Stapler
  • NV45AA Heavy Duty Coil Nailer
  • NV45AB 1-3/4″ Heavy Duty, Roofing Coil Nailer
  • NV65AA Nailer
  • NV83A 3-1/4″ Full Head, Framing Coil Nailer
  • NV83A111 Nailer
  • NV90AG Coil Nailer
  • NV83A3 Nailer
  • NV83A4 Nailer

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