#10 Flat Head Square Drive Wood Screw Green Ceramic


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#10 Flat Head Square Drive Wood Screw Green Ceramic

#10 Flat Head Square Drive Wood Screw Green Ceramic:

  • #10 head
  • Available in lengths from 3-1/2″ to 6″
  • Packaged in clear jugs and bulk boxes

Green Magnigard™ Ceramic Finish for ACQ treated lumber

  • Magnigard™ coatings are designed for use with ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quaternary) treated lumber
  • A duplex coating system combining an electroplated zinc and chromate substrate layer with an organic topcoat
  • Zinc layer provides a sacrificial protection of the steel substrate
  • Topcoat creates a durable barrier
  • Coating system is engineered to extend field life and improve mechanical performance of decking screws

Lo-Root Deck Screws feature:

  • Sharp points and sharp thread angles deliver superior penetration and thread engagement after the first revolution
  • 4 lugs under the head counter-sink the screw into the wood
  • Ideal for decks, docks, fences and construction
#10 Package Quantities
Length Jug Bulk
3-1/2″ 250 1,000
4″ 200 500
5″ N/A 500
6″ N/A 500

Available Flat Head Square Drive Ceramic ACQ Screws:

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