Finish Screws Trim Head Ceramic

Finish Screws Trim Head Ceramic


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Product Description

Finish Screws Trim Head Ceramic

#7 and #8 Finish Screws Trim Head Ceramic coated for corrosion protection

  • GrabberGard ceramic coating provides corrosion protection
  • Excellent for exterior applications such as composite decking
  • Trim head gives a finished look
  • Also for attaching metal, wood or plastic trim to wood and light gauge metal (25 to 20 gauge)
  • Super sharp Streaker® point provides quick and easy penetration into light gauge metal and wood
  • Sharp self-tapping thread optimize driveability
  • Made of extra high grade steel for superior holding power
  • Pro fit Robertson/Square drive means fewer wobbles or cam outs
  • Screw heads receive consistent heat treating prevents the heads from shearing off

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7 x 1-5/8″, 7 x 2-1/4″, 8 x 3″


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