Jet 775435 7/8″ Cold Chisel


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Jet 775435 7/8″ Cold Chisel

  • Designed for cutting, shaping and removing metals softer than the chisel itself
  • Works on wrought iron, unhardened steel, aluminum, brass, copper and some building materials
  • Hexagonal shanks to minimize roll away
  • Highest grade carbon steel construction
  • Edges accurately hardened and tempered – prevents splintering for longer life
  • Powder coated shank provides rust protection
  • Working end is accurately ground and hardened to HRC 52-58 for longer life
  • Striking end is hardened to HRC-42 maximum to prevent mushrooming or chipping
  • Complies with Canadian Government specifications CDA39GP-43a
  • WARNING: Always use punches on materials softer than the hardness of the punch itself
  • Shank: 5/8″
  • Length: 8″
  • Cut: 7/8″

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