Hjukstrom 25-36 36″ Chisel End Gooseneck (Tove) Pry Bar


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Hjukstrom 25-36 36″ Chisel End Gooseneck (Tove) Pry Bar

Hjukstrom 25-36 36″ Chisel End Gooseneck (Tove) Pry Bar:


  • Product no. 25-36
  • Length: 36″
  • Weight: 5.0 lbs
  • A handcrafted wrecking bar
  • Offers superior durability compared with a pressed wrecking bar
  • Forged in specially alloyed steel
  • Tove bars are tempered and annealed to handle extremely high loads
  • Steel alloy and handcrafting:
        • Give the wrecking bar sprung properties
        • Enable it to stand up to extreme loads without deforming or breaking
  • Sides of the shaft are octagonal:
        • Gives a better grip than if it was round
  • Nail claw angled at 90º to the shaft:
        • Provides good access even right up against a wall or a ceiling
  • Both ends of the bar are thinly ground with wide polished tips:
        • For ease of insertion under boards
        • While minimizing damage to the surface providing the fulcrum
  • Nail claw has a precision angled V-slot design:
        • Allows nails to be pulled regardless of their size and head shape
  • Made in Sweden

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