Walter 08N603 6″ Pipefitter Grinding Wheel


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Walter 08N603 6″ Pipefitter Grinding Wheel

  • Diameter: 6″
  • Thickness: 3/32″
  • Arbor size: 7/8″
  • Grit: A-36-PIPE
  • Maximum RPM: 10,200
  • Form: Type 27 – depressed center
  • Applications: Steel & Stainless Steel
  • Formulated & reinforced for grinding joint welds between passes in pipeline construction and pipe fabrication
  • Do not contain iron (Fe), sulfur (S) or chlorine (Cl) – will not contaminate stainless steel
  • Can also be used for cutting sheet metal
  • A thin wheel for fast and free cutting and grooving

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