Wera 057470 Kraftform Kompakt 400 T-Handle Screwdriver Set 17-Piece


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Wera 057470 Kraftform Kompakt 400 T-Handle Screwdriver Set 17-Piece

The Wera 057470 Kraftform Kompakt 400 T-Handle Screwdriver Set 17-Piece includes:

  • 416 R Kraftform Bit Holding T-Handle Screwdriver with Rapidaptor Quick-Release Chuck
  • 851/4 Z PH Phillips: 1 each of  PH2 x 89mm; PH3 x 89mm
  • 855/4 Z PZ PosiDriv: 1 each of PZ2 x 89mm; PZ3 x 89mm
  • 867/4 Z  TORX®: 1 each of  TX10 x 89mm; TX15 x 89mm; TX20 x 89mm; TX25 x 89mm; TX30 x 89mm; TX40 x 89mm
  • 840/4 Z HexPlus: 1 each of  3.0 x 89mm; 4.0 x 89mm; 5.0 x 89mm; 6.0 x 89mm; 8.0 x 89mm
  • 800/4 Z Slotted: 1.0 x 5.5 x 89mm
  • Storage Pouch


  • T-handle screwdriver for the transmission of particularly high tightening and loosening moments
  • Ergonomic 2-component handle:
        • With finger handle recesses and pleasant surface feel
        • Delivers very high power transmission and fatigue-free working
  • Rapidaptor technology for lightning-fast bit changes
  • Bitholders, magnetic, for easier application of the screw
  • For bits with 1/4″ external hexagon drive as per DIN ISO 1173-C 6.3 and E 6.3
  • Special blade surface treatment for high corrosion protection and optimum fit in the screw head
  • Tough-absorbing Wera bits (Z) prevent premature breakage of the drive tip

Rapid-In and Self-Lock:

  • Bits push into the adaptor without moving the sleeve
  • Lock activates automatically as soon as the bit is applied to the screw
  • Chuck holds bits securely and wobble-free


  • Simply push the sleeve forward to change the bit
  • Spring mechanism lifts bits off the magnet and unlocks the tool
  • Easy to remove the smallest bits without extra tools


  • Free-turning sleeve allows screw steadying from the start
  • Makes it easier to apply the tool to screws and prevents slipping
  • Can also be used as a short extension for 1/4″ applications with Zyklop ratchets

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