Walter 11T152 5″ ZIPCUT™ Thin Cut-Off Wheel


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Walter 11T152 5″ ZIPCUT™ Thin Cut-Off Wheel

  • Designed for use on Angle Grinders
  • Diameter: 5″
  • Thickness: 3/64″ (.045″)
  • Arbor: 7/8″
  • Grade: A-60-ZIP
  • Maximum RPM: 12,200
  • Form: Type 27 – depressed center
  • Cuts: Steel & Stainless Steel
  • Metal cladding on the Type-27 zipcuts prevent contact with the workpiece for greater safety
  • ZIPCUT technology delivers less friction for faster, cooler cutting
  • Heavily reinforced for greater safety
  • ZIPCUT wheels are resilient, resisting twisting & bending to deliver straight, true cuts every time
  • Longest life, most cuts per wheel and lowest cost per cut in the industry

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