Stiletto FB7S 7.5″ Titanium Multifunctional Flatbar



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Stiletto FB7S 7.5″ Titanium Multifunctional Flatbar

  • Solid titanium bar features a super strong arch design
  • Mid-bar staple puller pulls 3/16″ pre-hung door staples easily
  • Three multi-fulcrum nail pullers are designed to increase leverage
  • 180º nail puller in the arch
  • Designed for pulling trim, light prying and stripping
  • The “pocket-size” version of Stiletto’s titanium flatbars
  • Weighs 3.3 oz.

Available model variations:

  • FB5 5.25″ Titanium Flatbar
  • FB7 7″  Titanium Flatbar
  • FB11 11″ Titanium Flatbar
  • FB15 15″ Titanium Flatbar

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Weight .2 lbs
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