Sola LSB48M Big Red 48″ Magnetic Box Beam Level

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Sola LSB48M Big Red 48″ Magnetic Box Beam Level

The Sola LSB48M Big Red 48″ Magnetic Box Beam Level:

  • Item no. LSB48M
  • Model: BIG REDM 48
  • Length: 48″
  • Robust ferrite pole-shoe magnets for a secure grip
  • SOLA FOCUS vials deliver better, faster and more accurate reading
  • Break-resistant acrylic block vials with magnifying lens (+60%) and a 30 year guarantee against leakage
  • Better readability in dim light through an optimized SOLA luminous backing
  • Highest measuring accuracy in standard and inverted position
  • Extra strong aluminium profile with reinforcing ribs for maximum stability
  • Shock-absorbing 2-c end caps provide optimum protection against damage


  • Item description: Box profile spirit level
  • Measuring tolerance standard position: 0.30 mm/m (0.017°)
  • Measuring tolerance inverted measurement: 0.50 mm/m (0.029°)
  • Number of horizontal vials: 1
  • Number of vertical vials: 2
  • Measuring surface: Single milled surface for superior accuracy
  • End caps: 2-c shock-absorbing
  • Material: Aluminium (890 g/m, 0.61 lbs/ft.) with reinforcing ribs
  • Surface: Epoxy coated
  • Colour: Red
  • Profile weight: 890 g/m (0.61 lbs/ft.)

SOLA FOCUS vial technology advantages:


  • Unparalleled contrast between the bubbles edge and the FOCUS printing
  • More quickly, accurately and easily read compared to ring vials
  • Designed with a narrower field of vision and green end caps

+60% Magnification:

  • Creates a more visible bubble movement
  • Reduces reading errors to a minimum

Break-Resistant Acrylic Material:

  • Resists deformation and breakage
  • Highly UV resistant
  • Patented ultrasonic welding of the vials ensures no leaks

Vial Fluid:

  • Not affected by electricity
  • Will not fade under sunlight
  • Composition of vial fluid prevents bubbling in case of shock
  • Performs without problems at a greater range of temperatures than any other level vial

Luminous Backing under the vial:

  • Fluorescent light plate enables easier reading in low light situations without any LEDs
SOLA BIG REDM Magnetic Box Beam Levels – available sizes
SKU Model no. Length
LSB24M BIG REDM 24″ 24″
LSB32M BIG REDM 24″ 32″
LSB36M BIG REDM 24″ 36″
LSB48M BIG REDM 24″ 48″
LSB59M BIG REDM 24″ 59″
LSB72M BIG REDM 24″ 72″
LSB78M BIG REDM 24″ 78″
LSB7832M BIG REDM 78″ + 32″ Set 78″ + 32″ Set

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