Peakworks FBH-121102B Welder’s Harness


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Peakworks FBH-121102B Welder’s Harness

The Peakworks FBH-121102B Welder’s Harness with 5 points of adjustment

Available Welder’s Fall Protection Gear:

  • FBH-121102B Welder’s Harness
  • SA-1700-6 Welder’s Shock Absorbing Lanyard with 2 Snap Hooks
  • SA-1702-6 Welder’s Shock Absorbing Lanyard with Snap and Form Hooks


  • Certified to CSA Z259.10, ANSI Z359.11 and ASTM F887-13 standards
  • Ensures longer-lasting protection when working at heights in a welding or electrical environment
  • Fully adjustable for a universal fit
  • 5 points of adjustment ensuring a good fit (2 leg, 2 torso, 1 chest)
  • Upgraded Stab Lock leg and chest buckles for quick donning
  • Fall indicator for easier inspection before use
  • Large dorsal D-ring for easy connection
  • Side D-rings for positioning if necessary
  • Kevlar® webbing
  • Full body harness – designed to arrest a fall and simultaneously distribute the tremendous shock or load to the worker’s body
  • Full body harnesses must be fitted and tightened properly to ensure maximum protection and to minimize injury
  • Waist or restraint belts are not replacements for full body harnesses
  • All PeakWorks full body harnesses are built to meet or exceed the highest standards while providing maximum fit and comfort
  • The fall protection industry and regulatory committees have standardized the positioning of attachment rings into Harness Classes A, D, E, L, P
  • All full body harnesses come with a standard Class A D-ring (located at the back between the shoulder blades)


  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Certified: CSA Z259.10, ANSI Z359.11 and ASTM F887-13
  • Chest Buckle type: Stab Lock
  • Leg Buckle type: Stab Lock
  • D-Rings: one Dorsal; two Side
  • Size: Universal
  • Class: AP

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Weight 5 lbs
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