Jet 720848 T40 x 4″ TORX® Ergonomic Screwdriver


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Jet 720848 T40 x 4″ TORX® Ergonomic Screwdriver

  • TORX® drive size: T40
  • Shaft Length: 4″
  • Comfortable handle design conforms to the hand for a superior grip
  • Co-moulded Polypropylene (PP) and ThermoPlastic Vulcanizates (TPV) maximizes strength and provides a non-slip grip
  • Resists most chemicals, solvents and oil
  • Pentagon shaped neck bolster minimizes roll-away
  • Tip size and style are marked on the  handle end for easy identification
  • Patented SVCM (Silicone Vanadium Chrome Magnesium) tool steel is up to 30% stronger than CrV  (Chrome Vanadium) screwdrivers
  • Phosphate plated tip won’t chip or peel
  • Designed to meet ANSI B107.600-2008, DIN, and ISO standards

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Weight .69 lbs


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