Jet 554201 3 x 10mm Knot Twisted Cup Brush


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Jet 554201 3 x 10mm Knot Twisted Cup Brush

The Jet 554201 3 x 10mm Knot Twisted Cup Brush:

  • Product no. 554201
  • Model no. CK3201-M10
  • Designed for use on angle grinders
  • Knot Twisted wire cup brushes deliver more aggressive brushing action than crimped brushes due to the impact action of the knots and the stiffer wire
  • Bristles made of tempered High Carbon Steel (HCS) for long life in heavy duty brushing applications
  • Designed for heavy duty cleaning, weld & scale removal, deburring and general heavy duty brush work
  • Equipped with threaded arbor for fast, easy mounting
 JET  Knot Twisted Cup Brush Selection & Comparison Table
Product no. Model no. O.D. Arbor Hole Wire Diameter Max. RPM
High Performance Knot Twisted Cup Brushes made with tempered High Carbon Steel (HCS) piano wire
554201 CK3201-M10 3″ 10mm x 1.25 0.020″ 12,500
554202 CK3201-M14 3″ 14mm x 2.0 0.020″ 12,500
554203 CK3201-T 3″ 5/8″-11NC 0.020″ 12,500
554207 CK3501-T 3-1/2″ 5/8″-11NC
0.020″ 11,500
High Performance Knot Twisted Cup Brush made with Stainless Steel piano wire
553683 CK3201-SST 3″ 5/8″-11NC 0.020″ 12,500

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