Jet 532218 12″ Bastard Cut Flat File

Jet Bastard Cut Flat File


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Jet 532218 12″ Bastard Cut Flat File

The Jet 532218 12″ Bastard Cut Flat File:

  • JET’s fastest selling files in a convenient carded format

NOTE: Files are sold in package quantities or multiples thereof.

 JET-KUT Carded Files – PREMIUM Quality
Product no. Length File Type Cut Pattern Pkg. Qty.
532206 8″ Farmer’s Axe Second 1
532211 8″ Chain saw Double 2
532212 8″ x 7/32″ Chain saw Double 2
532216 8″ Flat Bastard 1
532217 10″ Flat Bastard 1
532218 12″ Flat Bastard 1
532226 8″ Flat Smooth 1
532227 10″ Flat Smooth 1
532228 12″
Flat Smooth 1
532231 8″
Half Round Bastard 1
532232 10″ Half Round Bastard 1
532233 12″ Half Round Bastard 1
532246 8″ Mill Bastard 1
532247 10″ Mill Bastard 1
532248 12″ Mill Bastard 1
532261 8″ Round Bastard 1
532262 10″ Round Bastard 1
532263 12″ Round Bastard 1


 Engineering & Saw File Patterns
American file pattern Type of cut Typical applications
Bastard Cut Coarse cut Shaping and dressing steels and castings
Second Cut Medium cut Filing hard metals
Smooth Cut Fine cut Filing hard metals as a finish file
Rasp Cut Rough cut Filing wood, hooves, aluminum & lead


Premium Performance from JET-KUT files:

  • JET-KUT files are cut from high chrome alloy steel for increased hardness and strength
  • Through a process of annealing the file blank is heated to a high temperature and then cooled slowly under controlled conditions to soften the steel for tooth cutting and to ensure uniformity in the internal structure
  • The teeth are then formed by a hardened chisel that cuts into the soft blank to raise the steel into the desired tooth formation
  • JET-KUT files are then repeatedly heated to a controlled temperature and quenched in a special quenching solution to maximize the hardness of the cutting edge
  • Next, the files are straightened without reducing hardness to ensure the entire surface delivers maximum cutting performance
  • A series of tests are performed on finished files by trained inspectors to ensure a high quality cutting tool every time

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