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MILWAUKEE 2014 NEW PRODUCTS Launching Fall 2014

Milwaukee 2708-22 M18 HOLE HAWG 1/2" Right Angle Drill Kit


In its conrtinuing drive to lead the shift from corded to cordless power tools, Milwaukee focused on the three factors that users demand in a cordless tool if it is to replace the corded equivalent.
1. Work as fast or faster than corded
2. Must be as durable as corded tools
3. Must work all day without interruption
Milwaukee’s answer is FUEL Technology that combines POWERSTATE Brushless motor technology, RELITHIUM battery technology and REDLINK PLUS intelligence that integrates full-circle communuication between tool, battery and charger to deliver optimized performance.

This fall Milwaukee continues its drive to shift from corded to cordless power tools with the launch of 3 new FUEL products:

1. M18 FUEL HOLE HAWG 1/2″ Right Angle Drills
Model 2707 with all Metal Keyed chuck
Model 2708 with QUIK-LOK chuck (for keyless one-handed bit changes)

Brushless FUEL technology delivers faster drilling and 4 lbs less weight than the original corded HOLE HAWG
Over 150 holes per battery charge in 2x lumber
Will rough-in 2,500 sq. ft. on 2-4.0Ah batteries
No need to set up a generator or run extension cords
Optimized for electricians

Milwaukee 2707-22 M18 HOLE HAWG 1/2" Right Angle Drill Kit

2. M18 FUEL SDS Plus 1″ Rotary Hammers
Model 2712: 1″ Rotary Hammer
Model 2715: 1-1/8″ Rotary Hammer

Brushless FUEL technology delivers faster than corded speed, corded durability and all day work on 1 charge
Share 80% of components with Corded Milwaukee Rotary hammer

Milwaukee 2715-22 M18 1-1/8" SDS Plus Rotary Hammer

3. M18 FUEL Cordless 7-1/4″ Circular Saw 2731

Brushless FUEL technology delivers faster cuts and 40% less weight than corded saws
More run time on one battery than 36 volt cordless saws running 2-18 volt batteries
2X more run time than other 18 volt cordless circ saws

Milwaukee 2731-20 M18 FUEL 7-1/4" Circular Saw

Also coming this fall:

M18 REDLITHIUM XC5.0 Extended Capacity Battery Pack
Up to 2.5X more run time than standard lithium batteries
Forward and backward compatible with more than 60 M18 cordless tools

M18 Cordless 2-Speed 1/4″ Right Angle Impact Driver 2667
M18 Cordless 2-Speed 3/8″ Right Angle Impact Driver 2668
Compact 1.7″ head profile and 1.4″ head diameter
2-Speed drive control
8-Position rotating head

HAMMERVAC Dedicated Dust Extractor 2712-DE
Inline design connects directly to and is powered by the M18 FUEL SDS Plus 1″ Rotary Hammer 2712
HAMMERVAC Dedicated Dust Extractor 2715-DE
Inline design connects directly to and is powered by the M18 FUEL SDS Plus 1-1/8″ Rotary Hammer 2715

M18 Cordless Metal Shears
Revolutionary in-line wrist design for pushing through instead of over the top of cuts
Tool-free 360 degree Rotating Head
3 Tool Options: 18g Double / 14g Double / 18g single

M18 Cordless SAWZALL Recip Saw
Rolling change to replace model 2620-21

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M18 FORCE LOGIC Knockout Tool Review

Milwaukee 2676-20 M18 Force Logic Knockout Kit

Looks like Milwaukee may have come out with a game changer for the electrical trade.

Milwaukee’s Claims:Milwaukee 2676-20 M18 Force Logic Knockout Kit

When Milwaukee talked to electricians about what they wanted in a knockout tool for punching holes in electrical panels, they saw an opportunity to redefine the process.  Milwaukee’s lithium-ion battery/charger technology and new, more powerful motors allowed the design a more compact power unit.  They designed punches and dies that were easy to identify and required no spacers or adapters, then combined them in a quick connect alignment system that can be set up without hauling the power unit around.  Three lightweight pieces (die, punch and draw stud) can be assembled in place. The power unit is then attached and activated.

Hole Capacity:

  • Punch holes up to 4″ in both 10 gauge mild steel and 12 gauge stainless steel.
  • Each punch size punches both mild steel and stainless steel no need for separate punches.
  • No repetitive pumping as with hydraulic punch systems.
  • The 2676 Knockout tool out powers competitive cordless units that tend to be underpowered for 4″ holes.

Hole Quality:

  • Bold highly visible cross-hairs for quicker, more accurate set up.
  • Milwaukee’s quick connect alignment system can be set up without hauling the power unit around
  • making it easier to set up the punch accurately.

Ease of use:

  • Easy to recognize the punch sizes.
  • Quick and easy to assemble the punch, die and draw stud in place and separately from the power unit.
  • No adapters or spacers are needed.
  • Punches and dies are designed to minimize jams and and have slug removal ports if a jam does occur.

In summary, compared to existing systems hydraulic systems, Milwaukee seems to have addressed the key issues that  offered opportunities for improvements.

Three Knockout Kits to choose:

What electricians are saying:

(though this is from a Milwaukee video see below)
Early reviews have been favourable with electricians saying they liked the accuracy, speed and power of the new system.

Accuracy and Speed:

  • Highly visible crosshairs make it easy to line up the punch accurately.
    Being able to assemble the punch, die and draw stud separately from the power unit
    also makes it easier to line up the punch accurately and enables much faster production.


  • The power unit punches 4″ holes as easily as 1/2″ holes.

Overall users find the 2676 Knockout system is more compact, easier and quicker to assemble, and more powerful than the knockout tools they have been using. As a result they find they can punch more holes in electrical panels in less time.

We have customers anxious to give the new tools a go to see if they live up to the hype.

We got to play with a Demo for a few minutes …. I am a complete rookie and a perfect hole in just over a minute.

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Milwaukee M12 Heated Hoodies and Jackets Review

Milwaukee 2373 M12 Cordless Gray Heated Hoodie Kit

For 2014 MILWAUKEE has improved and expanded its very popular line of M12 HEATED HOODIES and JACKETS.




Milwaukee has doubled its line of hoodies.
In addition to last year’s
1. High Visibility
2. Red and
3. Gray,
they have added
4. Black
5. Realtree Xtra Camo
6. Realtree MAX-1 Camo.
One other change is that the khaki hoodie has been discontinued for 2014.

All Milwaukee Hoodies feature 3 carbon fiber heating elements, polyester waffle-weave thermal lining and a larger internal battery pouch that holds both M12 and M18 battery controllers and packs.  All models are 100% machine Milwaukee M12 Multi-Zone Heated Jacket – Red, Black, Camowashable and dryable.  The High Visibility and both Camo models are also water resistant.


New for Season V, Milwaukee has upgraded the design of their jackets with a new and improved cut, adjustable cuffs that provide greater range of motion and maximize heat retention.  The jacket insulation has been improved to reduce weight and maximize heat retention. The oversized cargo pouch and new utility pocket improve the jackets’ storage options.

Milwaukee jackets still have 5 durable carbon fiber heating elements for up to 6 hours warmth as well as the 3 heat settings (High, medium and low) for optimal comfort.  The thermal knit fleece inner lining and internal storm flap still provide excellent wind and water resistance.  Also staying the same are the USB charger for charging portable electronic devices and Milwaukee 2386 M12 Heated Realtree Xtra 3 in 1 Jacketthe fuel gauge that displays the remaining runtime.

Milwaukee introduces the NEW Premium 3-in-1 hunting jacket.  The heated vest features 5 carbon fiber heating elements.  The zip-in premium outer shell is made of a special polyester fabric blend to reduce sounds caused by movement.  The removable hood provides protection from the elements and helps retain heat.


Milwaukee introduces cordless heated hand warmers in Camo and Black.  One size fits most.

(Last year Milwaukee sold out of most sizes and colors of both hoodies and jackets by late October.  Place your order early to avoid disappointment.)

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Dewalt DCN690M1 20V MAX XR Lithium Ion Brushless Framing Nailer Review

DeWalt DCN690M1 20V Brushless Framing Nailer

Dewalts new DCN690M1 Spiker looks like it will be a winnerDCN690M1 20V Framing Nailer

  • Brushless motor delivers more power in a smaller package and more work on each battery charge.
  • The large turning knob makes for easy tool-free depth adjustments.
  • Profiled nose piece makes the nailer less likely to slip out of position, especially handy when toe-nailing.
  • Shoots at a rate of about 2 nails/second in rapid fire bump mode.
  • Magazine holds 55 nails.
  • LED fault light indicates low battery power and motor stalls.
  • Motor stalls that prevent the driver blade from returning to top position and prevent nails from sliding into the nose are easy to fix with stall lever located on the front of the nailer.
  • 20V Max – 4.0Ah Li-ion battery (Only 1 Battery some in the kit) has a 3 LED fuel gauge to let you know how much charge is left in the battery.
  • Low noise, low recoil and vibration, no storage or combustible gases, no toxic fumes or chemicals.

New for 2014: Dewalt has launched the DCN692 cordless nailer with Dual Speed Settings

The primary improvement over the older DCN690 is that the DCN692 features two user-selectable speed settings. Speed Setting 1 is for driving shorter 2″ to 3″ nails with the benefits of lower vibration (lower operator fatigue), faster nail driving and more nails fired per battery charge. Speed Setting 2 delivers more power for driving longer 3-1/4″ and 3-1/2″ nails. Dewalt says that the Dual Speed Settings deliver the speed and power to drive nails consistently, similar to pneumatic nailers.

What’s to likeDewalt Nailer 20V Max

The DCN690M1 is battery powered only – not a gas and electric hybrid. This means no gas cartridges to store, no combustible gases, no toxic fumes or chemicals.   Cost savings Dewalt electric versus gas/electric hybrids should run at about the cost of 1 gas cartridge per 1000 nails fired.  We had a Paslode nailer in the shop, so we did a side by side comparison. The Dewalt was quieter firing with noticeably less snap than the Paslode when nails are driven. Made us wonder if the nails were being driven completely. They were. We just need to get used to the quieter sound. No difference in driving power between the two nailers. At about 9 lbs the DCN690 weighs slightly more than the Paslode cordless, but is well balanced and easy to handle. The DCN690 fires the same nails as the Paslode and Senco nailers, 30-34° paper collated, from 2″ up to 3 1/2″.  With a height of 13.75″, this Dewalt nailer is compact enough to fit easily between 16″ center studs.

What’s to not like

Only 1 battery. Not sure what Dewalt was thinking here. Expect users to let them know about it. Have to use an allen wrench to unfasten the nose from the magazine and drop that end of the magazine down in order to sort out a nail jam. On the other hand the bolts holding the nose piece to the magazine are easy to access.  There is a momentary delay before firing while the motor winds up, but this is only noticeable in sequential/single fire mode. It motors right along in bump fire shooting about two nails per second.

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Makita BL1840 18V 4.0Ah Li-Ion Battery Review

Review of Makita BL1840 18V 4.0Ah Battery

Makita’s 4.0Ah battery has arrivedMakita 4.0 Ah Battery

Same weight and power, lasts longer

The BL1840 18 volt 4.0 amp hour lithium ion battery weighs the same as their 18V 3.0Ah battery and delivers the same power, but lasts longer, taking over 2,000 charges.

Fast charging

Makita says the new battery recharges in 36 minutes with existing DC18RC and DC18RA Makita chargers – no need to buy a new charger.

Compatibility advantageMakita 18V 4.0 Ah Compatibility

The new battery is compatible with over 100 tools in the existing Makita tool line up. If you already have Makita tools, check the bottom of the tool where you slide on the battery. If the connector base is yellow (with or without a STAR) or black with a STAR the tool will run on the new 4.0 Ah battery. Tools with a black connector that does not have a STAR will not run with the new battery

Memory chip built in to battery

The new battery has a built-in memory chip that communicates with the charger’s CPU. This intelligent charging technology allows the charger to recall the battery’s charging history, analyse it’s condition and usage, then charge the battery accordingly.

Electronic chip embedded in Makita tools

All Makita power tools with a connector bearing a STAR (whether the connector is yellow or black) have a chip fitted in them that monitors the performance of the tool – how hard it’s working and how it’s responding – and relays this to the battery to make sure that enough power reaches the motor. This protects the motor from drawing more power than the battery can deliver. Battery cells are protected from damage that makes them inefficient at holding a charge which reduces runtime – batteries spend less time on the charger and tools spend more time in your hand.

Battery protection system

The BL1840 incorporates the Makita battery protection system that delivers over-discharge, temperature and current protection that improves battery performance, life cycle and overall battery life. But this applies only to with tools marked with a STAR.

Intelligent system

Putting all these intelligent features together makes the new Makita 18V 4.0Ah Li-Ion battery more efficient to deliver longer tool running time and longer battery life.

Summarizing, the new battery features Lithium Ion technology, long runtime/battery life, takes over 2,000 charges, plenty of power, same weight as 3.0Ah battery, re-charges in just 36 minutes with Makita chargers and fits all Makita tools with ‘STAR’ and/or yellow connector.  For more information on the 4.0 Ah BL1840 visit our online store.