Lackmond High-Speed Green Concrete Asphalt Blade


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Lackmond High-Speed Green Concrete Asphalt Blade

  • HA-SPL series has a 10mm segment as well as laser welds to perform well in handheld and walk-behind applications
  • U-channel gullets aid blade cooling and help remove debris to make the blade more effective at cutting abrasive materials
  • Pre and Post tensioned core minimizes machine wear and ensures straight cuts
  • Utilizes a proprietary diamond matrix which results in a good mix of price and performance
  • Undercut protection segments help minimize knife edging and undercutting in abrasive materials
  • A popular option for use with light weight block as it provides extended life when compared to comparable products


HA-SPL Asphalt/Block Blades
Item # Diameter Kerf Arbor Segment Height
HA121251SPL 12″ 0.125 1″ 10mm
HA1212520SPL 12″ 0.125 20mm 10mm
HA141251SPL 14″ 0.125 1″ 10mm
HA1412520SPL 14″ 0.125 20mm 10mm
HA161251SPL 16″ 0.125 1″ 10mm
HA181401SPL 18″ 0.142 1″ 10mm
HA201551SPL 20″ 0.155 1″ 10mm



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12", 14", 16", 18", 20"


1", 20mm


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