Klingspor 279013 2″x1″ 80G Flap Wheel


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Klingspor 279013 2″x1″ 80G Flap Wheel

  • Dimensions (Diameter x Height x Shaft): 2″ x 1″ x 1/4″
  • Grit: 80
  • Bonding agent: Resin
  • Grain: Aluminum oxide
  • Maximum RPM: 25,000
  • KM618 Klinspor flap wheels/abrasive mops are designed for use on metal
  • Fan-shaped radial flaps adapt perfectly to the contours of any workpiece whether even, convex or concave
  • Designed with a spindle for use with hand-held machines such as die grinders and drills
  • Ideal for working on profiled workpieces, inner surfaces, bottlenecks and hard to access areas
  • Especially suited for radial applications

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