Impact Poly 12 lb Sledge Hammer


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Impact Poly 12 lb Sledge Hammer

  • Part of the Impact Sledge series
  • Perfect for applications requiring heavy hitting
  • Can reduce work place noise
  • Impact Poly Hammers are designed for striking, tapping, hitting, driving or moving objects into a desired position
  • Will not dent, distort, damage or mar the object being struck
  • Intended for assembling and disassembling virtually every type of machinery, equipment and object
  • Completely encapsulated in plastic means these hammers can be used in no spark environments for safety reasons

Typical users:

  • Millwrights
  • Machinists
  • Log home builders
  • Timber framers
  • Metal fabricators
  • Auto mechanics
  • Heavy equipment mechanics
  • Agricultural mechanics
  • Heavy construction
  • Oil field service
  • Mining industry
  • Bridge builders
  • Furniture makers and assemblers
  • Cabinet makers

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Weight 12 lbs
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